Course curriculum

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    Welcome to your Angel Circle Membership

    • Welcome to Your Angel Circle Membership!
    • JOIN Your Facebook Community
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    Getting started!

    • Introduction
    • Your Angel Calendar LIVE Calls with Aishling
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    Your Bonus Section

    • Introduction
    • Bonus 1: CUTTING THE TIES MEDITATION (35 minutes)
  • 4

    Archives & Video Library

    • [ARCHIVES] Your Angel Coaching Calls
  • 5

    Starting Bonus Bundle Meet your Guardian Angel

    • Part 1: Meeting your Guardian Angel
    • Part 2: Asking for help
    • Part 3: Cutting the Ties with your Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael and Raphael
    • Angels FAQ
  • 6

    Angel Bundle AA Michael How to Gain COURAGE & CONFIDENCE and feel PROTECTED in every situation

    • Introduction Archangel Michael COURAGE
    • QUICK Fact Sheet AA Michael
    • MEDITATION: CUTTING THE TIES MEDITATION with Michael and Raphael (35 minutes)
    • VIDEO : Learn to say no with the courage and protection of Archangel Michael
    • VIDEO: How giving increases Confidence
    • VIDEO & AUDIO Meditation to get your Angel Wings with Michael
  • 7

    Angel Bundle AA Raphael Bring HEALING into every area of YOUR LIFE

    • Introduction Archangel Raphael Healing
    • QUICK Fact Sheet Archangel Raphael HEAL
    • VIDEO: Heal your body with your Angels
    • VIDEO: Family healing at the Holidays and Yuletide
    • VIDEO: Healing & Prayer Circle Meditation
    • MEDITATION: CUTTING THE TIES MEDITATION with Michael and Raphael (35 minutes)
  • 8


    • Introduction Archangel Gabriel CREATE
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Gabriel (5 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Gabriel
    • [VIDEO] How to connect with the Faeries (2 mins)
    • [VIDEO] AA Gabriel Angel Oracle Card Reading (8 mins)
    • [ACTIVITY] Create your own God Box
    • [ACTIVITY] Write a letter to your Angels
    • [Activity] Ho'oponopono for your inner child
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Gabriel, the Faeries and your Inner child (25 mins)
  • 9

    Angel Bundle Uriel DREAM Interpretation, INNER WISDOM & INTUITION

    • AA Uriel Remembering your LIGHT
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Uriel (4 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Uriel
    • [VIDEO] AA Uriel Angel introduction beside a wishing tree (7 mins)
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Uriel in your secret garden ( 35 mins)
  • 10

    Angel Bundle Chamuel Discover your LIFE PURPOSE

    • Intro AA Chamuel Discovering LIFE PURPOSE
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Chamuel (4 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Chamuel
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Chamuel Discovering your Life Purpose ( 35 mins)
    • [VIDEO] How to find your soul purpose
    • [VIDEO] How to attract your soul mate and twin flame
    • [ACTIVITY] Create your own Vision Board
  • 11

    Angel Bundle Ariel Connect with your SACRED ANIMAL guide and heal the EARTH

    • Intro AA Ariel EARTH Warrior
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Ariel (4 mins)
    • PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Ariel
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Ariel Meeting your Spirit Animal Guide ( 30 mins)
    • [PDF] The four Clairs and discover how you communicate with your Angels.
    • My Top 5 tips for connecting and communicating with your Angels
  • 12

    Angel Bundle Zadkiel The Secret KEY to ABUNDANCE

    • AA Zadkiel Introduction ABUNDANCE
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Zadkiel (6 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Zadkiel
    • [ACTIVITY] Quick Belief Buster Exercise to bring in more Abundance
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Zadkiel Discovering inner Treasure ( 30 mins)
    • [VIDEO] Quick Clear limiting beliefs with AA Zadkiel
    • [VIDEO] Gratitude increases wealth
    • [VIDEO] Understanding how Forgiveness brings Abundance & Ho'oponopono
  • 13

    Angel Bundle Haniel How to say NO! and have healthy BOUNDARIES

    • Introduction Archangel Haniel WARRIOR GODDESS & BEAUTIFUL BOUNDARIES
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Haniel (5 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Haniel
    • [PDF] Clearing Energies
    • Learn to say no with the courage and protection of AA Michael & AA Haniel
    • The Visitation from Wise Woman: A message of empowerment for women everywhere... It's time to rise together!
    • How to manage your TIME in your spiritual business and increase income
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Haniel: Meeting your future self (25 mins)
  • 14

    Angel Bundle Azrael Connecting with LOVED ONES WHO HAVE PASSED

    • Introduction Archangel Azrael REBIRTH & CONNECTING TO LOVED ONES WHO'VE PASSED
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Azrael (5 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Azrael
    • [VIDEO] How to connect with loved ones who have passed (6 mins)
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Azrael Connecting with loved ones who have passed ( 38 mins)
  • 15

    Angel Bundle Jeremiel Access your AKASHIC RECORDS

    • Intro AA Jeremiel AKASHIC RECORDS
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Jeremiel (5 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Jeremiel
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Jeremiel Connecting with your Akashic records ( 35 mins)
    • [Video] Open your Akashic Records
  • 16

    Angel Bundle Metatron Taking LEADERSHIP in your life

    • Introduction Archangel Metatron LEADERSHIP, YOU ARE WORTHY
    • Copy of [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Metatron (6 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Metatron
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Metatron Accepting your crown and the kingdom ( 35 mins)
    • Understanding how Forgiveness brings Abundance
    • Family healing at the Holidays and Yuletide
  • 17

    Angel Bundle Raziel Remembering PAST LIVES & hidden GIFTS

    • Introduction Archangel Raziel HEAL PAST LIVES & REMEMBER PAST LIFE GIFTS
    • [VIDEO] Introduction to AA Raziel (5 mins)
    • [PDF] QUICK Fact Sheet AA Raziel
    • [MEDITATION] Meet AA Raziel: Healing Past Lives (30 mins)
    • [Video] How to heal past lives with Archangel Raziel
  • 18

    Angel Bundle Raguel Meet The Angel Whisperer

    • AA Raguel Introduction